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There are several ways to use LingSync.


LingSync Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet version of LingSync is a 100% web-based app that allows for quick and easy entry of your data. Currently in beta.
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LingSync Prototype
The fully-featured prototype version of LingSync is offered as a Google Chrome App. This version includes advanced search and data manipulation, as well as offline capability and more!

LingSync Prototype Online
The fully-featured version of LingSync runs online (preferably in a Chrome browser). This version includes advanced search and data manipulation.
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Android app on Google PlayLingSync Elicitation
Record your elicitation session as videos directly into your database, automatically extract the audio and generate datum with Praat TextGrids later when you want to drill into details.
Android app on Google Play

Android app on Google PlayLingSync for Android
The mobile version of LingSync gives you access to the app anytime, anywhere on your Android device.
Android app on Google Play

LingSync TV
You can show your love for LingSync by putting this colorful TV activity board on your department screens as a screensaver, or better yet, build your own to inspire your team to get out of the data entry doldrums and dig into that data!
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LingSync Public URLs
EMELD recommends unique urls which you can share to allow others to cite your data. This simple app allows you to email a citation link for the public profile of your corpus.

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